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Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb


February 15 - February 17, 2020


14 photographers


1,400 USD tuition only

The 2020 workshop is full and applications are no longer being accepted. Please join us in 2022.


February 19 - 21, 2022 (this workshop is offered every other year).

Application dates will be announced in early 2021. To receive updates, please follow us on Instagram, Facebook or sign up for our newsletter.


Do you know how to listen to your photographs—including how they talk to one another—in order to select and sequence your work? Learn the challenging ART OF EDITING and sequencing your photographs in this three-day intensive workshop at the Manuel Alvarez Bravo Photography Center in Oaxaca (CFMAB) This workshop is open to photography students, to serious amateurs, as well as to more advanced photographers, who may be working on a long-term project or book. This intimate workshop is limited to 14 photographers.

Your workshop teachers are photographer Alex Webb and poet and photographer Rebecca Norris Webb, a creative couple who often edit and sequence their work together for magazines, exhibitions, as well as for the 19 books they’ve published together and apart, including their recent collaborative books, Brooklyn: The City Within (Aperture, Sept. 2019), Slant Rhymes (La Fabrica, 2017) and Violet Isle: Photographs from Cuba (Radius, 2nd ed., May 2018), and their monographs La Calle (Alex) and My Dakota (Rebecca). The Webbs will begin this intensive workshop by looking at a series of unedited photographs from each workshop participant, which could be from a trip you’ve taken or an event (such as a wedding, parade, or festival)—or, for more advanced photographers, perhaps from an assignment or commission, or photographs from a long-term project, the latter that you hope will be an exhibition and a book one day. Over this intensive weekend workshop, the Webbs will tailor two individual editing assignments for each participant.

Besides editing each day, there will also be a series of presentations and a group editing exercise. We will also touch on a variety of topics, including the process of selecting and sequencing your photographs intuitively; the practical realities of the magazine and art worlds; the difference between images in a book and images on the wall; the relationship between text and images in a series; how to select a title for your series or project; how to sequence a portfolio or website for a variety of audiences (for instance, for a magazine editor or a museum curator or a book publisher); an introduction to being on press with a book; how to work with a designer on a book; and how long-term projects can evolve into books and exhibitions. There will also be a chance for each participant to have an individual meeting with Alex and Rebecca.



This schedule is subject to change at any time.

Saturday, Feb. 15

10-10:15: Welcome, workshop overview
10:15-12:30: Review of the 14 Projects; tailored assignment given for each photographer
12:30-1:30: Group Lunch
1:30-2:00: Editing presentation
2-3:15: Editing exercise
3:15-3:45: Break (Grab coffee with the Webbs if you wish, for an casual Q&A).
3:45-6:00: Photographers working on assignments at the CFMAB 7:30-8:30pm: “Together & Apart: The Photographs of Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb” slide talk and intimate Q&A with Webbs and students.
8:45-10:00: Optional group dinner with the Webbs.

Sunday February 16

10-12:00: Review of the 14 Assignments; editing assignment #2 (Pairs and Beginnings)
12-12:30: Presentation by the Webbs
12:30-1:30: Lunch
1:00-3:30: Individual conference with the Webbs; other photographers working on individual editing assignments.
3:30-4:00: Break (Grab coffee with the Webbs if you wish, for a casual Q&A.)
4:00-6:00: Individual conferences; photographers working on individual assignments.

Monday February 17

10-11:00: Presentation by the Webbs
11-12:30: Final editing session, Part I
12:30-1:30: Group Lunch
1:30-2:30: Final editing session, Part 2
2:30-3:30: Presentation by the Webbs
3:30-4pm: Break (Grab coffee with the Webbs if you wish, for a casual Q&A).
4-6pm: Final presentation/Q&A with the Webbs 7:30-9pm: Optional farewell dinner with the Webbs


For the first day of the workshop, participants need to bring 60-100 small work prints from one or two projects, which may include work from a trip or an event, or perhaps work from a personal project you hope will one day be a book (prints should be roughly 4x6 inches; inexpensive machine prints, such as made at a drugstore, is fine. Small inkjet prints are fine, too. We don’t care about the quality of the print; we just need to be able to see the image.) You can also bring up to 100 additional images as digital files on a portable hard drive or laptop, and, if you decide to do this, please bring your laptop the first day, as well as your little prints. (We highly recommend that each participant bring two sets of the 60-100 little prints, so that they can continue working on their editing assignments at home or at their hotel in the evenings.)


Depending on the editing assignment, participants may be asked to bring their laptops—and perhaps a portable hard drive—on Sunday and Monday of the workshop.

For those who’ll be editing a long-term project that they hope will one day be a book, please email ( by Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2020 ) a short statement about the project, no longer than 250 words, in a Word document if possible to Alex and Rebecca:



This workshop will be open to anyone 18 or older, including university photography students, passionate amateur photographers, and seasoned professional photojournalists or fine art photographers, anyone who would like to learn more about how to select and sequence their photographs for a variety of purposes, including for a website, for a portfolio to present to a magazine or to a museum, for an exhibition layout, or for a book dummy to present to a potential publisher.

Everyone has to apply to this workshop, but former Webb Workshop and Mary Ellen Mark Workshop students are welcome to apply early (starting May 13, 2019).

To apply, please send a link to a project that you’d like to edit and sequence over this three-day workshop, as well as a link to a short description about the project.

If there’s not an online link to the project, please email 10 small jpgs—2000 pixels on longest side, 72 dpi—and a short description, no longer than 250 words, as a word document.

Additionally include a short bio (100-word limit).

Be sure to also include the following information:
Date of birth
Country of origin / country of residence Profession
Previous photography studies
How you heard about the workshop

Please email the application to

Workshop Dates: February 15 - February 17, 2020
Applications Open: August 12, 2019 (former Webb students may apply anytime beginning May 13, 2019)
Early Applications Close: September 16, 2019
Early Notification of Acceptance: September 23, 2019
Final Application Deadline: October 14, 2019

Upon acceptance, participants are required to make a 500 USD deposit within two weeks. The balance is due 90 days before the workshop begins.

To see our terms and conditions and cancellations policies please click here.


We have blocked rooms at Hotel Boutique de la Parra and at the Parador de Alcala Hotel.
Please make your reservations before November 2nd, 2019. For more information about rates and how to make your reservation, please email Selma Fernandez Richter at

You should plan to arrive in Oaxaca, on Friday February 14 during the day, as the first activity is on Saturday at 10am. Plan on leaving any time on Tuesday February 18th or later, as the last activity is a farewell dinner the evening of Monday, February 17th.

Workshop will be held at the Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo.