Your Work and Its Audience: Making the Match, NYC 2019 / by Selma Fernandez

Your Work and Its Audience: Making the Match, NYC 2019 has come to an end after an incredible week full of learning and photography. We would like to thank first and foremost Swanee for all of her hard work, energy, generosity, and for sharing all of her knowledge with us. 

Additionally, another heartfelt thanks to Photo Editor Elizabeth Krist for all her insightful contributions to the photography world at large and her commitment to helping each student throughout the week get to know other bodies of work that can help inform them on their own photography and ideas.

And thank you to our other Special Guests Joan Liftin (Photo Book Editor, Educator and Photographer), Jane Yeomans (Photo Editor at Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine), Esa Epstein (Sepia EYE Gallery), Taia Kwinter (Managing Editor at Aperture), and Chris Boot (Executive Director at Aperture). All of these wonderful individuals shared so much of their time and wisdom to help us learn more about their place in the photo world, how to succeed in their different fields and apply that to our own personal work.

Thank you to the Aperture Foundation for letting us use their beautiful location in the heart of Chelsea and to all their staff who so generously helped us out.

And a special thank you to all of the talented photographers who joined us every day this week and shared with us not only their own beautiful work, but their ideas and commitment to making their work the strongest it can be for their audience.