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Your Work & Its Audience: Making the Match by Selma Fernandez

We are extremely excited to announce La Luz Workshop’s newest addition, YOUR WORK AND ITS AUDIENCE: MAKING THE MATCH, NEW YORK CITY 2019.

We have been working very hard and are fortunate to have Author, Educator, and Mentor Mary Virginia Swanson leading this unique workshop that pulls together everything that is important in presenting a well-rounded piece of photographic work and navigating the diverse markets of imagery today.

This workshop is for photographers who have been working on a long-term project to help them identify the appropriate audiences for their work and how to connect with them.

Participants will learn about publishing their projects, pricing their work for multiple markets, fine art print sales, making the most of exhibition opportunities, how to best invest in competitions and portfolio reviews, securing commissions to make new work, as well as other essential topics.

A couple of days will be dedicated to editing students’ work with the guidance of Elizabeth Krist, former Senior Photo Editor at National Geographic Magazine. Students will learn the differences of editing for multiple presentations: editorial spreads, photo books, exhibitions as well as grant applications and industry competitions.

We are honored to have a team of very special guests join us throughout the workshop: Joan Liftin, Photographer, Photo Book Editor and Educator; Esa Epstein, Executive Director and Curator at sepiaEYE Gallery; Jane Yeomans, Photo Editor at Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine and Taia Kwinter, Associate Managing Editor at Aperture Foundation, who will share their years of combined industry knowledge with us.

This workshop will be held in New York City at Aperture Foundation from May 5 - May 11, 2019.  

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We hope you can join us!